Chuck Taylors: No Need for a Toothbrush

Words By Matthew Spence

Dirty Chuck Taylors, just like the overall history of the brand Converse, makes you ask the question: How the fuck did they pull this off? There’s something special about dirty chuck taylors. They’re like vintage Relic’d guitars: beaten and sink under the phrase “wear and tear”, but yet they have a story behind them and still can be used on stage. Versus most shoes, where the slight ounce of dirt that it collects on its side, they look well… just dirty without the charm and coolness. God forbid, they’re not Jordans, you need to keep them clean for the sake of possible resale and maintain more than some do their cars (the crazy part is: I’m not exaggerating in some cases). feel you can tell a lot about those wearing them: where they’ve been and how far they come.

Still: Bull in the Heather Video

If you’re not that perceptive, you can use your imagination and guess where: grocery shopping, walking their dog, maybe some punk shows, a wedding, numerous games of SKATE, running through a big ass campus to get to class, escaping Michael Myers, normal shit. No one wants dirty shoes but Converse are an exception. The dirtier and more worn, the more sentimental. The more miles they have, the more important they feel to you. Versatile with natural style.

Photo: Unsplash

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