No Encores at Flog Gnaw

Words by Matthew Spence

The following is a quick story originally for the Yo! I Make Rugs interview, where Quinn tells the story of their Camp Flog Gnaw Experience of seeing Drake get booed. I thought it was so good that I didn’t want it scrapped but couldn’t fit into the original piece. Articles can only be so long my dude.

The Setup

It was actually a pivotal moment in my life. I was 16, got my first job at McDonald’s, and saved up all my money to afford a flight and Airbnb. My parents let me go because: they have faith in me and trust me so shout out to them and just in the middle of the year during a weekend.

The Night

It was less climatic in the moment. (No Flex) Like I was in the VIP section but no one around me was booing and it was kinda hard to hear the boos from the crowd. And if you watch the video you see him take his earpiece off to hear the crowd and see if they’re actually booing at him and sure enough they are. It was just the weirdest vibe.

Ok the headline that year was a mystery right so when it came time for the headliner to come out about 8:30, everyone was like: “It’s time, OH MY GOD”. They pause. Tyler came out and everyone was like “WTH”. Then he went on a kinda tangent, then he was like “You mind I bring out a friend for yall”, then he brings out Lil Uzi and everyone was “OOH UZI”. He performs a couple of songs then Tyler says “You mind if I bring another friend out” OOH IT’S ASAP Rocky. Then he’s like “Can I bring another friend”, Drake comes out. So when Drake got booed, most of the crowd thought Tyler was gonna bring out another person. So everyone was just standing around waiting for Frank to come out like everyone thought this went according to plan cause everyone else prior to Drake, only played 2 or 3 songs. Then the Big Stadium lights came on to let everyone know ‘The Show is over, you ruined it’ and then people started realizing, ‘Oh he got booed off stage, that wasn’t a part of the show’.


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