Why Though?

This is usually the page where it tells everything about the publication: Who founded it, what’s it about, what it stands for, what it hopes to accomplish and blah blah. Sorry to disappoint, but I barely know what I want for dinner tonight, let alone the answers to all of those questions.  Flip a coin and pick an answer

Sounds Nice: Cherry-Tape Magazine is a zine that enjoys creativity of past, present and future (hopefully): whether music, movies, fashion, and among other dope shit. It’s like putting Culture on shuffle. Whether Internet or Pop, just enjoying the fun.

Reality: I like shit. It’s fun. Writing about whatever the fuck I want. It’s a zine no one asked for. Enjoy!


And there’s no “we”, it’s just one guy….so me, writing this. Yo!

Based in CT (mentally all over the place)