Track 8- Enjoy All the Small Things

Words by Matthew Spence: “Day 8 of Summer: My nephew stole my recorder, and my

Apple Musics’ “100 Best Albums” Shouldn’t Cause Problems

Words By Matthew Spence: Every few months, a music publication will come through and step

A Short (Non) Film: Kendrick Lamar vs Drake is Hip-Hop History

Words by Matthew Spence: Gen-Z finally has its generation-defining hip-hop battle. I speak for myself

“Peace”. It’s the Magic Word. A Re-Education

Words by Matthew Spence: Peace yo. Somewhere between the Proto-Human language of clicks, Tarzan grunts,

A Journey of Respect with Lil Yachty

  Words by Matthew Spence: While most hero journeys would result in Lifetime films, comic

What’s the Deal with Orange Beanies? Creative Theory 102

Words by Matthew Spence: [The following article was inspired by a video I saw discussing

Can We Leave the Nude Leaks Alone?

Words by Matthew Spence: Yo, where’s Raven Baxter and her visions when you need her

Hitchwriter Schools Survival Guide to Moshing

Words by Matthew Spence: Aww geez. Looks like I put myself in another sticky situation.

onlysmallbites “Basically In 9 Minutes…or however long this Article is”

Words by Matthew Spence: The following preview will be screened with words and will require

Don’t Be Hatin’ on Sexyy Red

Words by Matthew Spence Writing this, it really dawned on me that this whole: “Protect