Banning TikTok, What’s the Endgame?

Words by Matthew Spence:

TikTok vs. the Government is a Beef DVD segment waiting to happen (following Lana Del Rey vs. Azealia Banks).




If you’re not up to date, well, here’s a recap of the last episode of Tik & the Tokless: The US government is putting its foot down and trying to put a stop to the app once and for all, leaving users and advocates in shambles trying to save it, like Spongebob and Patrick trying to save Jellyfish fields.



Oh, and people are probably making thirst traps to the Deftones’ cover of “Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want.” Now we’re here, discussing it and whatnot. I could make jokes regarding the cringe-worthy trends that come with TikTok… which I do and I will, but I’ll put it on hold for a bit.

In all seriousness, this is a situation that opens several doors of dialogue about: Is this legally fair? What’s next for creators and businesses on the platform? Will another app come forward and take TikTok’s place and the bullets of judgment it comes with? Is the government’s priorities jumbled into unrecognizable shit? Any alternative options to a ban? How many more fucking questions will I ask? TikTok, an app that’s produced toxic behavior, content, and misinformation, to balance out the harmless fun, creative outlet many use: ranging from social activism, broadcasting news that isn’t being reported on, to blowing up music of the past and present; now it’s shit deeper than a bottomless abyss. Left with an ultimatum: split with its Chinese parent owner or be banned in the USA.

Now, I’m not on TikTok or any social media, minus Instagram. Even then, I cry inside at how much I wanna delete it every day and vanish from human contact. So, when the news developed and ideas were becoming reality, I was neutral (or, well, I didn’t give a fuck); however, curiosity rained in my brain, and as things unfolded more, I wanted to get the full scoop from both sides of why and why not?

In the words of The Fresh Prince



  • Its parent company, the Chinese company, ByteDance is allegedly collecting personal data from the US users for the CCP.
  • Perceived to be a National Security Threat
  • Both Parties (Democrats & Republicans) have a mutual agreement towards it (generally)
  • Joe Biden suggested he’d sign the Bill banning the app if it managed to get to his desk.
  • Some believe the app is brainwashing the younger gen and causing ignorance galore
  • ByteDance needs to part ways or it’ll be banned in the US (like the 2 Live Crew)



  • Stands by that this goes against the First Amendment
  • CEO Shou Zi Chew attests and pleads that they don’t share information with ByteDance or the CCP
  • Others point out that plenty of American-made and owned apps collect US Personal info from their users
  • Realistically, ByteDance could just buy the info from the date brokers
  • Bundles of reminders that they’ll be cutting off the careers, and income for many, and putting a halt on spreading awareness and news


Picture the Pro vs Anti-War conflict from South Park (which sooner or later, they’ll tackle this topic in an episode). The app is walking through the expression: “When it rains, it pours”. First, Donald Trump sparked the idea (ironically he changed his mind), as of right now, it’s banned from gov. phones, and certain states restrict the app from work phones (and I’m anything that revolves around professionalism and corporation stuff). Now with the House bringing it to their home court, it was a landslide 352-65 (Yikes) vote passing the bill to proceed.

Assessing the situation, some may immediately have a side they’re on. To reiterate, South Park conflict: “YEAH, THAT COMMIE APP OUT OF HERE” or “You can’t take our freedom of speech, DON’T NUKE OUR IMAGINATION BRUH! WOO!”. Now, it’s a peculiar case of: “Why this one?” As everything TikTok is allegedly doing isn’t solely unique to them, as to repeat the fact, many apps (including US apps) do this, not saying this is right or anything. What’s stopping them from giving info to the CCP? Because they are US-operated? Do they come off as more trustworthy? Life Lesson 103: PEOPLE WILL STILL COMMIT CRIMES AND ACTS FOR SELF, NO MATTER HOW SERVE AND ILLEGAL IT IS. Considering, that they (as of right now at least) have no concrete evidence of them giving/sharing data with ByteDance and the CCP in those regards, right now, the US Government looks like jerk-offs trying to distract from various other issues happening in this country and the world.

This isn’t coming from a place of dismissiveness, cause their concerns and reasoning are valid. However, it becomes flattened under the weight of fuckery. It makes you scratch your head when you think about how we’ve had numerous, upon numerous mass shootings in the USA and chaos and hell happening around the world, but this is where their urgency resides. Ain’t that a bitch.

Now, the Bill hasn’t made it to Bidens Office, as of right now, but this is something with layers to peel. So to put it shortly, it’ll be awhile till shit happens and who knows how it’ll play out. They can’t necessarily ban an app that’s already installed on people’s phones next sitting in between Hinge and Chess unless they have hacking skills like Wade. So basically, they’re gonna restrict the fuck out of it until everyone uninstalls it. Another factor, Google and Apple may not comply with the orders necessarily, they can be told to remove them or etc from their App stores but….who’s to say they’ll say “Sure Dude.” They may say “Fuck Off.” Factors and what ifs’ are heavy in this situation.

The big elephant in the car is: leaving users ass’d out who use TikTok for reasons for income, business promotion, and communication of amongst a community, or other resourceful reasons. This is where the eye-rolls and groans come in full effect as some comment “Boo-FUCKING-Hoo, the TikToker have to do actual work now” or something. The dismissiveness is understood, I get it, at the end of the day, people still use it for living whether we like it or not. It’s a platform that can show the good and pain in the world, underneath the surface-level content that may turn us off. Connecting others, whether you like it or not.

Censorship, The First Amendment. Everything comes into question in this case. Leading to the conclusion of: “For Seriously Though?” But, hey it’s just another Bronx Tale, the story of more bullshit happening in the country.




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