KAYTRANADA’s Boiler Room Set Will Live On

Words By Matthew Spence:
Why pay for a Masterclass course on DJing? Save yourself $15 and an hour of someone telling you the first step to being great at your career is: “being passionate”… thanks, Captain No Shit. You can watch KAYTRANADAs “Bolier Room” set on Youtube for free. Watch, learn, sweat, and dance your life away like it’s a goddamn rave in 1999. Running on 10 years (and more as this piece ages), KAYTRANADA’s Bolier Room has lived a life on its own somewhat, rightfully so. The second you hit play, right from the jump everyone’s synced (and I’m not talking about syncopation). Literally, we’re greeted with cheers from the room (and from the 6) as if God himself was: paying everyone’s rent, raising their credit scores, and giving out free Air Force 1s.

As Roots (Silent Treatment Intro) plays everyone in the room is preparing and twiddling their fingers waiting for the drop and to let loose. There are little moments that make it special throughout.

-The second he takes off his jacket… shit is real

-Let’s never forget the woman in the “Why Don’t You Let Me Be” long sleeve. She’s forever dancing in our hearts….specifically on the right side of it

-Someone wipes his head while working like he’s James Brown

Even being a viewer/listener at home, it feels like Kay has you in the palm of his hands just like the rest of the room. Vibes and stuff. It looks like the place to be, whether you’re an extrovert in the middle or an introvert on the sideline. 18 million views later, it exuberates the power a DJ has. The energy you bring can make a difference. Sweat dripping, people lit off of music, energy, and most likely liquor. It feels like narrative arcs were used musically. We had the Exposition, where people are settling in and getting ready to throw their asses in a circle. Rising Action, where the party starts to kick off. The climax is when everyone is having the fucking time of their lives. Falling Action is the comedown of the party where everyone is getting ready to leave or just chill. Then finally one last banger to end the night on a high with the Denouement.

2013 is 10 years ago, but musical moments like these due to the luxury of the internet last forever. In a Reddit AMA, Kaytranada talked about that now-famous night: “Man we were all just having fun, passing the Henny bottle like it’s nothing. All types of people from the city came through and we didn’t know it was gonna be that crazy when we saw the footage. I was drunk as hell and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one. The tempos on the mix were way too fast! But man did we have fun that night. We didn’t expect it was gonna be history in the making. I know a lot of people in the crowd were embarrassed but whatever….”

The lesson after watching: With great power comes, music nerds dressing up like you for Halloween (shout-out to Frenchysaysrelax). OK, that’s not the lesson, well the true lesson is: With great power comes, comes great responsibility to not fuck up the party.



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