Can We Leave the Nude Leaks Alone?

Words by Matthew Spence:

Yo, where’s Raven Baxter and her visions when you need her the most? Sure, she’d probably make the situation worse, but at least I would’ve gotten a heads-up. I could’ve had time to prepare my fruit snacks and play Def Jam Fight for NY in a bunker while avoiding the horror that is: Halloween Inch2OVO.

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The Internet eruption that would occur because Drake’s dick would spread around social media faster than a rumor in high school and harder than your heartbeat when you realize you forgot to cancel a subscription before the free trial ended (we got a Drake “Leak” before Carti’s new album…. Huzzah?). A flood of memes, at least 27% of friendships ended due to people sending it in group chats after being told not to; it was the talk of everything, to say the least. I mean, he’s arguably the biggest artist in the world. He does numbers no matter what he does, so it makes sense his dick would cause social media and fans to bumrush the leak harder than the zombies in Dawn of the Dead (Zack Syders Version).

But what I’m tripping off of is: Why are morals so fleeting when it comes to celebrities and the invasion of privacy?


Sex and scandals can really fog up people’s values, and what happened to Drake is one clear example of people tossing out “courtesy” in favor of “callousness.” Pleasure over privacy. Instead of calling out the alleged person for leaking the private photos/clips only meant for her, instead, people focused on Drake playing with himself (holy shit, I can’t believe I actually typed that statement). Scandal, Sex Lies, and Videotapes: I get it; it’s riveting. I’m not gonna act all uppity and try to cast judgment upon people like I’m “Sir Up His Own Ass.” At the same time, though, all the victims (famous or not) didn’t pray to be victims in the first place.

In a time where consent is expected (thankfully) and respected (I’d fucking hope so), the word “leak” should immediately turn off people instead of driving up traffic. The second it implies, “non-consent,” should hit harder than the gavel hitting the sound block after the judge gives the leaker 5 years. Negating the embarrassment and violation of the victim shouldn’t be a natural instinct. Yes, celebrities signed up for the spotlight and extra public attention. Good and bad. Praise and hassle. However, at the end of the day, they’re still humans, and certain discretions shouldn’t collapse because they’re famous. From Jennifer Lawrence to Amanda Seyfried to Ariana Grande to Drake. The infamous 2014 leaks to Bella Throne combating a blackmailer by releasing her own. Pick a fucking name out of a hat and it’ll still apply. Katniss probably dropped her goddamn Oscar when she saw why she was trending. She probably had to change her mood music from Wu-Tang Clan to Elliot Smith.


They signed up to be great at the craft they care about and not have their dicks and tits out for the world to see without permission. Getting commented on their bodies by countless strangers and having to explain to friends and family why they can’t go on the internet for a few days wasn’t on the agenda. Knowing people are probably having watch parties with your private video must be very unsettling. Man or Woman. Gay or Straight. Cis or Nonbinary. That shit will make you feel queasy.



So instead of saying, “They signed up for it” or “Don’t take pics/clips like that when you’re famous,” (I’m looking at you Whoopi Goldberg)  how about “Don’t be weird and leak people’s private shit?” Simple as ABC and 123.


Revenge Porn. Shit isn’t cool in any shape or form and is illegal as fuck (rightfully so). I get it, curiosity can get the best of people. We all have celebrity crushes and fantasies, so of course, you wanna jump immediately when you get the chance to see what you’ve been wondering. But, you gotta remember, it wouldn’t be so sweet if the tables were turned.

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