“Peace”. It’s the Magic Word. A Re-Education

Words by Matthew Spence:

Peace yo.

Somewhere between the Proto-Human language of clicks, Tarzan grunts, and sentences like “I… food… eat” and the current day of “YO! WHO THE FUCK ATE THE LAST POP TART?!?!?”. The Linguistics timeline would document the moment someone forced five letters to make, possibly the dopest word in our dictionary, which isn’t the word ‘dope” itself.



A vocabular Rubik’s cube: multiple colors, different sides, comes with guides/tips/tricks to figure it out, and requires time and focus. Through it all, no matter who you are, what you are, or where you’re going, we’re all trying to solve it. You may have a different life than the person you walk past, but we’re all working for the same thing. Peace of mind. Inner Peace. Peace in life. Peace of self and for all. Peace.

Living in a spinning globe of problems that a Wikipedia list in alphabetical order wouldn’t cover all of the shit humans go through, at some point, it’s understandable that one would reach a breaking point for the world to stop and embrace peace for just a moment. Dilute the negativity we cause ourselves or reality may chain us to. Every second, we hope for Cosmo and Wanda to exist in our world so we could wish for the world to have peace and rid of all of the: violence, terror, bigotry, starvation, abductions, and anything else fucked up. Sadly, the world will forever be fucked up.




So we do our best to find peace in every sort. A journey that’s a pain in the ass but completely worth it in the long run. To be able to look in the mirror and smile at who you see. To not let your environment break you down to someone or something you’re not. Realize you’re past mistakes shouldn’t define who you are now, and hug yourself for your growth. Even when life throws poisonous darts at you, when you’re at peace, you’re able to recover Beyoncé style. Recycle the energy for the better of self.

Now, we’re tag-teaming here. I’m pointing at you right here for help.





What brings you peace? Is it listening to Solange or PinkPantheress on a Sunday? Painting and daily yoga sessions? Hanging with loved ones? If all or none of these apply to you, that’s fine. Whatever brings you peace, keep at it, because everything moves so fast that you need a moment to enjoy your world. Whether sitting in silence for 30 minutes, trying to put your friends onto Veeze, or throwing darts at a picture of your ex (jk).



Peace by the numbers: One Word, 5 Letters, 8 Million Stories and plus, Infinite Feelings.

Some use it to get out of unwanted conversations, while others use it with love and sincerity because, in case you never see each other again, at least they left with peace in your aura. 5% use it as a greeting to spread positive energy when entering a new convo.



While others raise their eyebrows, wondering why they didn’t simply say “Hi”. One of the few words that change your energy in real-time (like Beetlejuice). There’s beauty in its transcension. It’s the ability to be more flexible than an Olympic liar. Ranging from spirituality to generality, it touches all of us, no matter how differently we approach it.

This isn’t an ordinary infatuation, but something that can change your pulse if you let it. Some may embrace it as a higher element; others may look at the surface; and some people may think, “Oh, shut the fuck up, you hippie.”



Whatever race you run, you’ll always have peace waiting for you somewhere.


Still: I Left My Wallet In El Segundo


PEACE. What does it mean to you?

Positive Energy Activates Constant Elevation

Positive Education Activates Constant Elevation

Positive Energy Allows Consistent Evolution

Positive Energy And Care Eternal

Proton Electrons Always Cause Explosion

Positive Energy Always Causes Expansion

People Evolving Allows Creative Expression


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