Beyoncé & The Big Snubbers: the Mess 2025 Grammys May Cause

Words By Matthew Spence:

Pardon the paranoia, but my Jhené Badu energy senses are tingling. The inner doomsayer is giving me a heads-up greater than an inside trader. Bow out now, sell your shares, apologize, and get the fuck out of dodge, cause the “Beyoncé vs. Taylor” debate is gonna crack open the earth and unleash hell. What kind of hell? Probably not the fun kind.

Cowboy Carter


Music fans and the music industry have been living it up over the past couple of months. Beyoncé released “Cowboy Carter” on March 29th, having motherfuckers cut up a rug, and then Taylor Swift (low-key pulling a Dinkleberg) dropped “The Torture Poets Departments” 3 weeks later, doing 2 million in sales and streams in the first week like gangbusters yo.









Heaven on Earth or Paradise through speakers—whatever label sticker you wanna use, it still applies well for fans. However, this scented candle is near a flammable curtain.

The topic of who’s bigger (and better to some extent) between the two is like a boiling pot of water: in time, it’ll overflow, spill over, and cause your parents to curse you out for not paying attention to the stove. It’s been a discourse for a few months now, and it makes sense:

  • They’re mega-goliaths in music and pop culture.
  • Decades of ultimate relevancy
  • Countless accolades
  • Tours that low-key boost the economy (even though Taylor may win this one as her Eras tour is a billion-dollar tour)
  • Influencing the generations of artists of now, then next, and beyond

So it’s a pretty solid match when you put the two together. However, come 2025, music’s biggest instigator, aka the Grammys, may cause an apocalyptic stan storm.

Sure, now it can seem like Beyoncé has the “Album of the Year” Grammy in the bag, like when you’re able to finesse the vending machine. Yet, knowing Taylor is in the running with her, that Grammy could get snatched away faster than a dollar. Vanish before she could finish blinking.


The Tortured Poets Department


Don’t get it all misconstrued; Beyoncé isn’t some blackballed Robin Hood; she’s a Grammy Regal. Having the most Grammys out of any artist—32, to be exact; however, Taylor is like the darling they can’t say no to. The favorite child. They love Beyoncé, but LOVE Taylor.

Now, comparatively, she doesn’t have as many Grammys as Beyoncé (14, to be exact). However, she has the Grand Dopeness Award for the entire thing: Album of the Year. Quite a few, actually, winning it four times: 2010, 2016, 2021, and 2024. Did she deserve all of them? I’m not really the one to say yes or no. However, seeing Beyoncé’s iconic three-album run get shot down during their respective years being: Self-Titled, Lemonade, and RENAISSANCE. I can say, at least one of them motherfuckers deserved at the big one. Get at least 1. (like Spider-Man. Everybody Gets One).


[Low-Key, this proves Beyoncé isn’t Illuminati; if she were, she would’ve won it every damn year she was nominated.]


With these two dropping (their usual) trailblazers of the year, it’s all fun and Gameboy Advances, but when award season comes around, we’ll start a new trial of The Grammys vs. the People. If Beyoncé loses again, especially to Taylor, shit will hit the airplane propeller. Think pieces piling on top of each other like 625 making a sandwich.


Taylor slander will be preached harder than TLC preaching safe sex (which isn’t necessary; she low-key has slaps, not gonna lie), dissection of the Grammy’s incomprehensible character (which isn’t new), and a plethora of back and forth between fans, stans, and everyone in between. It’s a tranche of fuckery.


All pointing out: how even with critical acclaim, respect, and musical reverence from music fans and peers alike, combined with the boundary-pushing, career-elevating art to back it up, it still isn’t good enough for the music’s Sword in the Stone. Hell, her husband the Blueprint Business Man himself, Jay-Z called out the Grammys during an acceptance speech to point out the mixed signals the Grammys have been giving for the past few years now.


Adding to the equation, the last black woman to win Album of the Year was Lauryn Hill in 1999, 25 years ago (and over 25 as this article is aged for someone who reads it in the future). It’s safe to say, one more black woman being snubbed may be a bit telling of the Grammys, and at this point, there’s so little to discover about them that we might as well be a 20-year-old married couple who lost their spark for one another 10 years prior.

Seriously though, this would raise more questions from music culture enthusiasts than me in geometry class. Here’s a selection. Pick one you wanna ask:

  1. How do you fuck up like every other year?
  2. How scared are you to move away from your comfort zone?
  3. Do they even listen to the fucking albums?
  4. Why are they more out of touch than an abstinent person?

Usual questions as well as newer questions.




If she does win for Cowboy Carter, eyebrows will still be raised higher than everyone’s blood pressure if she had lost again. While the album is Beyoncé tapping into her southern roots more in-depth with: reminding everyone that country music is still a black genre after decades of white-washing it, adding her sprinkle to the sound, covering classic records from the Beatles, featuring legends like Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson, Peers of the Old and the Current Gen of Country, and reinventing the hoedown for years to come (seriously, people are gonna fuck up the square-dance floor with tracks like SPAGHETTI or SWEET * HONEY * BUCKIN’).



Some may not see it that way. Country is still perceived as a “white genre” to many, so if she wins for this album, people are gonna wonder: Why this one? Why not her previous works, which were more heavy in “blackness” in regards to their musicality? It’ll be like an “overdue Oscars” situation. Where many greats finally got their Oscars for the wrong movie and/or should’ve won for a previous work. Leonardo DiCaprio, Al Pacino, Martin Scorsese, Denzel Washington, etc. It’s a lose-lose situation for the Grammys; no matter what, they fucked up. Make or break for Beyoncé. Possible stray for Taylor Swift and a Return of the King battle between the Swifties and the Bey-hive on Twitter.



Of course, this is all hypothetical; who knows, maybe neither one of them will submit for any awards for the upcoming season to stay home and watch Katherine Heigel movies. Even though it’s a nice badge, it all comes back to one thing: Fuck the Grammys; let Beyoncé and Taylor settle who’s truly #1 with the Disney Channel Games obstacle course.


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