A Short (Non) Film: [Untitled-When in Doubt, Blame Morrissey]

Words by Matthew Spence

Depression, Stress,  Wallowing in sorrow. They all suck. I could write about the statistics and describe the emotions, elaborate on how mentally your self-worth goes so far beneath the gutter. You can go to plenty of other places for all that, I probably wouldn’t be saying anything different. Maybe I’ll go further in-depth in the future, maybe not. For now, all I’m gonna say and all I can say is that: it’s not fun to feel inadequate to your family, friends, and the universe. To feel like you’re letting everyone down, including yourself, with every decision you make. To walk around in a warm-colorful world but uncontrollably feel contempt for it. Feeling guilty about feeling like shit which entails making you feel like shit even more. Leading to the dominoes of emotional and mental turmoil falling one at a time. That’s all.


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