200 Words for “The Idol”

Words by Matthew Spence:

The following isn’t a review…more of a quick thought. You can go on Youtube for a more in-depth review and discussion. Such as this one from Mina Le

MTV: Beavis and Butthead Do America

The Idol wrapped up its first and (possibly final season). I watched every episode (for the culture dammit). To put it shortly, it’s a sad case of wasted potential with Sam Levinson and Abel “Starboy” doing the most American thing you can do: Take something from the oppressed and rewrite it for themselves. Mansplaining it to the rotten definition by stripping away the female perspective of a story meant to be told that way. Instead, the result is piss poor.  Exposition that pissed me off, cringe and unhinged (and buzzword: Problematic) dialogue and behavior that feels like glorification and objectification instead of analyzation, (seriously what the actual fuck was that line about digging someones’ “rapey vibe”), constant sex scenes that feel gratuitous that it would make a prime Mick Jagger feel exhausted and frustrated, characters who you either feel neutral on or hate and possibly drained the Weeknd of every ounce of sex appeal he had left. However, it’s fascinating how Abel was objectively the worst actor on the show, yet, managed to steal the spotlight in every scene. He was a real Heath Ledgers “Joker” minus the acting chops. That needs to be studied in film school.

[This is by far one of the funniest things ever seen in my life, I laughed at this for at least 10 mins on the first night I saw this]


With that being said, give it 10 years, there’s gonna be think pieces and essays on how The Idol is an unappreciated and overhated masterpiece. Sucks for the cast and crew though, it’s not easy to get to be a part of and work on an HBO show. So for this to be the end result of their dreams and prayers….yikes. Positive note: I can start the new season of “The Bear” now



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