See the Scene…. Conclusion

Context: This entire conclusion paragraph wouldn’t format properly in the original piece so I decided to put it in its own individual post! P.S. the Post Image of Martin as Nino Brown has no correlation to the article, I just thought it was funny and filled the space.
Disclaimer and stuff: Of course, there are so mannnnyyyyyy people doing their thing, that I couldn’t ask them all nor get all to answer. I’m only one motherfucker, that’s a lot of writing, and people got shit to do. So here are some quick other shout-outs and mentions: Ángel Loor, Nehway, T!LT, snowprah, Ch’varda, and many more (’99) til’ infinity. Big Thanks to EVERYONE who took part in this and be sure to check out EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM! While on this race, go the extra mile and check out their recommended artists and favorite artists! While you’re at it, give yourself a pat on the back yo. Why? because you’re here and I don’t find you annoying, which is a rare occurrence for me and most people.
I would have a more fleshed-out conclusion paragraph for this piece, but sometimes, keeping it short and obvious is for the best. When you finish this, go to a local show and enjoy (If you’re in CT, check out the Seeing Sounds Festival during the summers! or check out Ct.Sets to be aware of shows happening). Cause at the end of the day, art continues on just like, life, no matter what, why not get on board? Give the underdog and the independent appreciation. And I’m not referring to helping them blow up or being that hipster who says “<scoffs> I was listening to them before they got famous”, but instead help breathe life into a community and show that the freedom to expression is at that the palm of your hands. Exuding that the endgame is deeper than glitz and glamour. Instead, shaping a safe/fun space of artistic expression and freedom, sparking the brain of the next person to do it. In layman’s terms: people make music in the area, that’s tight!

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