There’s Something about Album Trailers

Words by Matthew Spence:

Merriam-Webster defines Album Trailers as: “Ehhh”. We’re way past the days of commercials for albums and promo posters decorating your FYI and Target (even though I wish promo posters were more prominent).

Pharrells In My Mind Promo

Over a decade and some change now, album trailers are a norm of sorts for album rollouts. Some popular artists do it, others don’t. Divisive, like politics, appealing like the toys you walk by going grocery shopping. In the vein of movie trailers: “sell, sell, and goddamn sell it or I’m taking you out of my will” is the end goal with a twist of artistic lemon. The people behind the scenes are on their Glengary Wall Street shit.

However, you see a glimpse of an artist’s aesthetic and tone they’re trying to build for their upcoming project. and letting them not express themselves musically but visually. Some trailers build/setup a universe: Astroworld by Travis Scott or Wolf by Tyler, the Creator.

Some trailers set tones and expectations regarding subject matter and album experience: Baby Keems “The Melodic Blue”, J Coles K.O.D., and any Lana Del Rey trailer honestly.



Some are simple, some are passion projects. Compilation of studio footage to a Flying Lotus short film.


Others…well…suck. Boring and/or pointless in the grand scheme of things when you take into account that the end result may be just another regular ass album compared to how epic the trailer may seem to be. Think “Suicide Squad” for Music. I wonder “Wouldn’t an IG post be just as effective?”  depends. However, either way, if the fans and artists are happy, then it’s fine.

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