(Revenge of the) fuckthatnerdshop: A Q&A with the Seoul Shop

Words by Matthew Spence:

For all the nerds who have Extended Edition: Lord of the Rings movie marathons, still have their original PS2 cheat sheet papers, and learned to play Wu-Tang Clain Ain’t Nuthin’ ta Fuk Wit’ on the recorder. Like a performance at a concert, this one is for you. Welcome to Fuckthatnerdshop. Or welcome to reading about Fuckthatnerdshop. [For a whole experience: listen to Microphone Mathematics by Quasimoto]

Based in Seoul, South Korea; One day, a nerd (@fucknerdman), decided to go through with an idea rumiging through his mind for months upon months: make shit he likes, based on shit he likes, and surround himself with shit he likes.

@fucknerdman Photo by: @eggkisu

Solid gameplan. From Tees and brush tees, sweatshirts, bongs, zines, hats, stickers, and skate wax. Fuckthatnerd is a street brand shop that succeeds in its goal: Nerd the fuck out however you want. Color outside the lines if you want, fuck it. With artistic touches from key member @jmmysox (a fancy way to say: he is designing cool shit).


Their brush tees are pop culture orientated [from Blink 182 to South Park] and their shop is plastered in fun memorabilia with pop/street/skate culture to where Pinterest photographers may have a fucking field day.


Sunburn from Mid90s had Motor Skate Shop and someone around their way has fuckthatnerdshop.

Every visit probably feels like the opening of the first Supreme shop in 94′. The moment the doors open, it’s time to roam, purchase, and nerd out in conversation. The 3-Point objective.

Now being 7,000 miles away from visiting, looks like I’m only limited to purchasing online, but guess what motherfuckers I can still ask questions. Ain’t technology grand yo? So, I decided to ask the founder/owner questions about the brand and other stuff.


1. Rank these nerds [Rivers Cuomo of Weezer, Pharrel, Bill Nye, Chris Hardwick, Steve Urkel, and Comic Book Guy]


-Rivers Cuomo

-Steve Urkel

-Bill Nye

-Chris Hardwick

-The Simpsons’ Comic Book Guy


2. The inspiration behind the brand name  

Literally fuckthatnerdshop (we are actually nerds) 


3. If possible, describe your brand in 3 words.


4. When and how did you find your passion for design/illustration, clothing, and street/youth culture? How did you guys (jmmysox) meet and decide to join forces to make dope shit? When did you launch your brand? What was your first product? 

 We met in college. Since I came out of the animation department, I have been interested in everything since I was young, and while doing each other’s work, I decided to do this before it’s too late. The official brand launch is in January 2022. The first product is a self-made nerd logo hoodie.

5. When was the moment you realized your brand had potential?

When someone I like and think is cool uses our stuff.

6. Your “Words to Them” are used to motivate, can you advise someone reading this right now?  


7. What are 3 reasons to be a geek?

It’s stupid, it’s shit, it’s trash (Of course I’m happy)

8. What is the main soundtrack for your shop/office?

90S HIPHOP, the latest hip hop

10. Is there a specific item/future project you want to make in the future? From Bongs to Zines, what’s next on your to-do list?

We have many projects in our heads. First of all, while preparing for fall and winter – skate pants, American Psycho Ax, I want to make something that makes me think “Do you sell something like this?”

11. Developing a following in Seoul and making a name for yourself internationally (New York, South London, etc.), why do you think people are drawn to fuckthatnerdshop?

like an idiot / There is no brand like this here, but there are many people like this.

12. What is your favorite streetwear brand?

Too many. I love all skateboard brands. (Ex Bitch Skateboard, Independent, DC Shoes, Stingwater, Toy Machine, Blunt Skate, Girl Skateboard)

13. How is streetwear/youth culture in Seoul? Any brand/peer that inspires you to create the best products

All are doing very well. All nice. The best though is POHS TIHS (okeh_was_here) our father!

14. What are your future goals and plans?

We will continue to make strange things in our place. For nerds like us. Making more fun things will grow and the nerds will grow as well. love everyone 

(Kudos to the person who asked this unusual and interesting questions!) 


Make sure to follow socials to keep up with their shop. Feel to check out the shop and find what may feel right for you. While you’re at it, recite the alphabet backward as fast as you can….or just stick with the first two things.




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