Track 8- Enjoy All the Small Things

Words by Matthew Spence:

“Day 8 of Summer: My nephew stole my recorder, and my mom still hasn’t noticed I’ve been using her toothpaste since mine ran out.” <puts down a pen>

Oh, hey, [I] didn’t see ya there, yo. Oh, don’t mind me; I’m  just doing some summer journaling. Ever since I’ve gotten more aware of my “summertime blues,”  I’ve been taking action and trying to stay proactive and keep my mind afloat. Keep the mental lava lap hypnotic, yo. In the midst of the major stuff like soaking up the sun and <beeeeeeeeep>—

Oh shit, can we edit that out? …… Cool…

In the midst of major stuff, I’ve been able to take a page out of Colombus’s “Zombieland Playbook.” Rule 32: “Enjoy the little things.” Sure, everyone says that, but everyone also says shit they don’t practice or proceed with. Like New Year’s resolutions or paying back the $5 they owe someone. Others just forget to, and that’s fine; it’s a stressful world, and we’re all Jackie Brown spiraling in the moment.



We often forget to breathe and enjoy the little things that make us smile. Some like rainbows, some like the first cut of construction paper, and others like popping bubble wrap. Being a naive, optimistic geek, I hope to trigger joy in people. Use this article as a friendly reminder to surround yourself with all the small things. As a reference point, here are all the small things I enjoy. Who asked? No one because I don’t care… and fuck you (just kidding…sorta).

  1. Huh, this sounds familiar.

Sample detection can turn your musical ear into a submarine radar. It’s tight. I get happy hearing the source material of a song I love. Even if it’s not one I’m a major fan of, it’s still a cool Easter egg for me to recognize. Whether it’s a section of a song, maybe a movie clip, one little lyric, or a drum break, Whether I hear it at home, at Journeys, or at Target, If I put two and two together, I’ll feel like Windsor meets Fantano, the Weenie-Hut Jr. nerds working at Genius. In turn, giving me another reminder why sampling, no matter the genre, is important (if done correctly, of course),



Find the Sample




2. Raider of Being Lost in a Store

Using everything in the toy section, trying on hats, hi-fiving mannequins, reorganizing shit to be neater (they’re not all extreme hijinx), etc. Treating a store like a playground in some way is fun. Of course, I’m still an adult, so I limit it and make sure not to annoy the customers and employees.

3. Cuddling with Smack DVD on 

I’m a black guy raised in the ’00s as a kid with older brothers; of course, I love 2000s street DVDs. Smack, Cocaine City, BEEF series, etc. DVDS rappers made for their albums; the selection feels endless (even though it is, but you know what I mean). They’re a time capsule for hip-hop of that time, raw and uncut. Plus, there are so many comedic gems; holy shit rappers are fucking hilarious to me. In fact, I was so overwhelmed by which clip to use, cause there were so many funny ones I wanted to use. Simpler times.



3. Radio. An Unsung Hero of the 2020s

If I could hug streaming services, I would, but I can’t, so the best I can do is pay my $12 a month but still use YouTube for the majority of my music consumption. Even so, I’m still an old soul too and listen to the radio often. There’s something about curation that’s not in our control that we need to have. In a time where we can control everything, we often get stuck in our musical well. It’s fun to just listen without control, and the moment I hear a song I love, it hits so much more. It feels like a moment to treasure; who knows when they’ll play it again? Especially when it’s a special block playing deep cuts and throwbacks.

4. It’s not LOUD ENOUGH

Guitar Feedback. What more can I say? That’s all you need to know.



5. The Icky Thump Synths (and the color Red)



I could go on and on. Talk about laughter, 80s/00s high school flicks, smiling, sunsets, popping bubbles, tuning a guitar, and a bunch of other stuff I enjoy. We don’t have that kind of time. I’ll leave it at 5: short and sweet. Just remember to take it easy and enjoy yourself. I’ll end with this question for you to sit on: What does the world mean to world to you?

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