A Short (Non) Film: Kendrick Lamar vs Drake is Hip-Hop History

Words by Matthew Spence:

Gen-Z finally has its generation-defining hip-hop battle. I speak for myself and a few others when I say, Shit is tight. Anyone around my age group wasn’t around, or at least wasn’t musically conscious or environmentally aware of the magnitude of the battles happening (bruh, we were babies and shit; unless we were Jimmy Neutron, we most likely weren’t aware of anything). We hear about the Hip-Hop battles all the time, whenever the topic is discussed, to the point where they might as well become bedtime stories:

Jay-Z vs. Nas


Ice Cube vs. NWA


LL Cool J vs. Canibus, etc.


We know it all, heard it all. If you’re a student, on paper, we’re aware of how big they were and how they had dudes in barbershops forgetting to pick up their kids from school and friends in their basements fucking up Funyuns. Beef and battles really spark up the conversations yo. Of course, plenty of others have happened over the years since the days of the ’90s and 00s; however, the Kendrick Lamar vs. Drake battle is one for the books that Gen-Z will forever teach to the future Hip-Hop kids like our fellow old-heads teach us about the battles of their era. From how it started:



Its’ guns-blazing back-to-back night of diss records (or technically morning. May the 4th be with you!)




And everything in between.


Shit is more epic than anime. This isn’t about who won, who’s better, etc. Right now, we’re witnessing the spirit of the culture preserved in the art of competition. As a fan, it’s dope to be around. However, let’s hope it stays through music. We don’t want violence in any way toward anyone. Battles are great, but beef is on a whole different level, and that could lead to dangerous events. Cause…. these dudes REALLY don’t like each other and we don’t need another 50 Cent vs Ja Rule.




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