“Peace”. It’s the Magic Word. A Re-Education

Words by Matthew Spence: Peace yo. Somewhere between the Proto-Human language of clicks, Tarzan grunts,

Banning TikTok, What’s the Endgame?

Words by Matthew Spence: TikTok vs. the Government is a Beef DVD segment waiting to

A Cherry Tape Joint Presents: the Black Experiecne-ish

Words by Matthew Spence: [I wish had Timmy Turners Magic Muffin to be able to

Can We Leave the Nude Leaks Alone?

Words by Matthew Spence: Yo, where’s Raven Baxter and her visions when you need her

A Short (Non) Film: [Untitled-When in Doubt, Blame Morrissey]

Words by Matthew Spence Depression, Stress,  Wallowing in sorrow. They all suck. I could write

Some Religion Article (Mostly Christianity)

Words by Matthew Spence Faith. Gotta have it right? It’s a like a circus net

An Ode to Bike Riding

Words by Matthew Spence: You don’t need mescaline to touch the sky (granted it’ll probably

1 Non-Blonde on Going Blonde

Words by Matthew Spence- To blonde or not to blonde. We’ve had to decide between

Life Before Joining Social Media

Words By Matthew Spence: Social Media: The platform that makes a generation say “I don’t

Working at a Movie Theater: The Ins and Outs’

Words by Matthew Spence: Congratulations yo! You’ve just gotten hired by your local movie theater